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Yellow gold engagement rings

Celebrate enduring love with timelessly romantic yellow gold engagement rings featuring lab grown diamonds created by VRAI.


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How to buy yellow gold engagement rings

Your guide to finding the yellow gold engagement ring meant just for you.

Frequently asked questions about yellow gold engagement rings

An 18k yellow gold ring is made from 18 parts pure solid gold and 6 parts alloys. This differentiates it from a 14k gold ring which is made of 14 parts pure solid gold and 10 parts alloys. 18k yellow gold is considered more precious than 14k gold, making it ideal for an engagement ring or wedding ring.

VRAI uses solid gold, never plated or vermeil, so your 18k solid yellow gold engagement ring will not fade or tarnish over time. You should clean your diamond ring on a regular basis, however, to maintain its shine. VRAI also offers annual cleaning in its Lifetime Care Package.

Yellow gold engagement rings are the most popular or best-selling engagement rings. This is because yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself — making these styles timelessly appealing to all.

Of course! While many choose matching wedding rings to the engagement ring color, a way of creating a bold and dramatic wedding ring set is to mix metal colors. This look is especially popular amongst those who already feature both yellow and white gold in their fine jewelry collection.

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